The very first must have list

Every year my mom is one of those moms who wants a Christmas list by no later than the end of September. That’s right you read that correctly SEPTEMBER! I always end up scrambling around trying to get my list together. Unless that is if I have one big gift I really want like my lovely dyson last year. Putting that down in writing makes me feel old I actually asked for a vacuum! But it’s obviously not just any vacuum. Okay back to the point.

Christmas is a big deal in my family we tend to have nearly 100 gifts under the Christmas tree. Some may think we are crazy but we love it. I wouldn’t say that we have totally commercialized Christmas, we really enjoy being together as a family. My favorite part is trying to get the best reaction from my gifts to my family members. This year will be a completely different story since we will have a new member to our family.

Anyhow I decided as an easy way to create my list every year I am going to blog a monthly must have list and share it with all of you. It would make it even easier if my mom started reading the blog.

So here is the first one. I am currently working on decorating my new apartment and my office is a very important part of my living space. As I spend most of my week in the office working. My desk is white and I want to continue to bring in more white and later accent with some bright colours. Here are a few of the things I’d love to see in my new office space. Do you have any other suggestions for my office?