Blue Lagoon fun!

Up at 7 this morning to check things off our list of things to see before meeting up with our group.  Breakfast at the hotel is included and it helps the budget as food here is fairly expensive.  A lot of good food to fuel up for the day ahead.  We headed out to find the northern lights museum, Aurora Reykjavik, and even though the girls doubted mel's directions, we made it there and without falling on our faces despite the ice covered sidewalks.  Mel is not a museum kind of a gal but this was a quick walkthrough with interesting facts about the northern lights and chasing them and a cool time lapse video of them.  We loved the "pin" map at the exit and added Cornwall! Represent! 🙂

onthemapauroraborealisWe were able to sneak in a little bit of shopping before meeting up with our group to depart for the Blue Lagoon.  Mylene is set on getting an Icelandic Lopi sweater but we keep telling her to get the wool and make it herself.  We think we have her convinced.

The bus ride to the Blue Lagoon was about 40mins but it was very interesting to see the lava rock landscape and mylene had fun spotting the trolls in the moss!

On arrival you are given a bracelet which will be the key to your locker and also how you purchase drinks.  The installations are super clean and the process to get in is great.  We changed, headed out into the cold and warmed up quickly in the water.

lagoon locker room

The water temperature in  the lagoon averages 37–39 °C . Our tour guide had warned us that at some point we might start to smell like burnt bacon and we did find those hot spots! It was a hurt so good kind of a warm.

blue lagoon

The lagoon is a man-made lagoon which is fed by the water output of the nearby geothermal power plant.  The silicate minerals is the primary cause of that water's beautiful milky blue shade and the locals claim that it is amazing for your skin.  We had fun and did the mask treatments.

Then we got crazy silly and were having fun with the go pro trying to do sexy hair fling movie scenes!! yup...Paquette sisters are crazy at times and we even got Mylene to join in (after her whining episode).

Our way back, our tour guide commented on Mylene's beautiful knit sweater that she of course knitted herself.  She is the best tour guide ever...she decided that we absolutely had to hit up the àlafoss wool factory and arranged everything for us to go.  So tomorrow, following our Golden Circle tour, we will stop in for a visit in Mylène's heaven!

We took the rest of the afternoon to hit up the little shops in downtown Reykjavik.  There is a famous hot dog stand where Bill Clinton once stopped in for a taste.  It was a deal for a hot dog at 3900 krónas (about 4$CDN) but unfortunately we all voted that the weird beige coloured cream and crunchy concoction inside the dog was off the mark.  Not terrible but we'll stick to the basics.

We ran into some fellow Canadians.  How could we not know they were Canucks!  Like true Canadians - we love to wear our Canadian gear when we travel!

We hit up a wool shop and Mylène and Nance purchased wool to start a new project.  Mel hit the 10000steps again on the fitbit!


The shops here close at 6pm but we snuck into this quaint photography shop in a nick of time. Mylène really liked the work and decided to buy the coffee table book - it came with the artist's personal signature and photo op! 🙂

We ended the day in a nice pub for some food, drinks & relaxation!

2015-02-04 0010

Mel the trooper hiked back to the hotel to see if by chance the northern lights tour was still on despite the cloud cover but unfortunately the weather has not been on our side.  Tomorrow night is our last chance so we are hoping for a fun packed day with our Golden Tour circle followed by - fingers crossed - an aurora borealis chase!


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