How many Countries have you been to?

For Mylene and I it's our 13th country. Mel is on her 14th country. Oddly enough Mylene and I are checking off our 3rd big trip together but we have a lot of countries in common. The reason this comes up is cause we met Walter an American who is checking is 69th country here in Iceland. Mel was sure we were up in our twenties and I assured her we were barely in our teens. Turns out I'm right! I guess we have a lot of work ahead of us. There are 257 countries in the world, by no means do we want to see them all but that gives you an idea of how big this world is and how much more we need to see.

2015-02-03 0012

Enough about the fact that we have more to see let's talk about what we saw today. We left Cornwall at 11am(scheduled departure was 10 but Nance is ALWAYS on time). BAAA was our mode of transportation to Toronto. We made it through the storm without stopping. We did a little detour in Toronto near my old hood and Mel didn't like that. Not sure if it's been mentioned before but she's a bit crazy about getting to the airport way too early. Oh and she inspects your passports before leaving and she actually held on to mine as if she was my mom or something.  The park n fly in TO was snowed-in!  It was a challenge to find a spot and then we were freezing in the little huts waiting for the shuttle.  Crazy fools we are headed to ICELAND! -  the man with us was headed to Tobago, his look on his face said it all when we told him where we were going.


Our flight left Toronto at 8pm and arrived 5 hours later at 6am (Iceland time). Weird thing about our arrival we had to go through security again when getting off the plane - mel lost her Icelandic water bottle.  Next onto our shuttle and onto Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Our group was meeting at our hotel at 930 so we headed to Te & Kaffi a really cute coffee place.

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Upon our return all ready to go one of the members of our group decided it was the perfect timing to go get her scarf. So all 23 other people on the tour waited for her. Upon her return we prepared to head out just to find out another person had gone to the rest room! Luckily our tour guide Guobjorg put everyone in their place.

We started our city tour with a little walking around town. We started with the municipal and federal government buildings and then onto the bus to tour the whole city. Our first stop was at Hofdi house nicely set along the shore.

2015-02-03 0003

2015-02-03 0005

Back onto the bus and to the water tanks. Weird right? We went to visit their water tanks where they store 24 million litres of hot water. Once we entered we were shocked at how beautiful this place was. We climbed up to the 4th floor for this beautiful view of the city.

2015-02-03 0004

We went to the Iceland museum turns out Mel and I weren't into it. So we played a game of Chess. I started out strong but in the end I lost - as per usual 🙂 During the tour, we would accidentally dose off!  Nance was giving us trouble telling us we were missing out but in the end she passed out as well.  The time change kicked out butt a little.  Mylene fell asleep on the couch beside us while we played chess.

2015-02-03 0007

We returned to the hotel and had a nap to catch up. If you know us, we don't want to miss a thing so we were up just on time for our 530 group meeting. We found out at our meeting that our Aurora Borealis tour for tonight was cancelled due to weather 🙁 So please please send all your positive vibes north to us so that we can go tomorrow. After our meeting we enjoyed a drink in the lobby and chatted it up with Walter and another lady for a while until we decided to head out for dinner.

2015-02-03 0002

2015-02-03 0008

We decided to walk around and see as much of main street as we could. What a great idea! This place is so cute. Did I mention everything is pretty here, even the pooper! We took a picture to show France.

2015-02-03 0006

Chantal! Mel decided to give her Fitbit another chance and she hit her 10000 steps for the first time. She had a bit of a freakout when it vibrated but then she realized what it meant! Youppi!! High fives all around!

Okay so tomorrow we are going to Blue Lagoon...can't wait.

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