Road block

Wednesday morning was a little more relaxed we only had to be ready by 745. We met Grecia in the lobby and took a van to the bus terminal there we got out tickets and boarded the bus.

Latin American buses are the best the seats were wide and comfortable which was nice seeing we were spending 7 hours plus on this bus. They even have a hostess on their bus.

The views were spectacular Mylene and I spent a lot of time snapping pictures. Around noon the bus stopped and I heard the hostess tell Grecia we couldn't go any further do to a road block. Grecia then explained that the village we were going through was having a strike in the road in order to demand better coverage of the power grid.

We then found out that our bus company had another bus on the other side and that we would be able to switch buses. We got out of the bus picked up all our luggage and walked about a km over their lines which was a pile of dirt and into our new bus. We were quite lucky as another G adventure group was behind us on a bus that couldn't get seats on a bus on the other side. We offered to go help them out their bags over to our bus seeing they were seniors but it wasn't approved by management.

IMG 5126-1

IMG 5127-1

Our arrival to Cusco was then delayed to much later. All we had Time to do was go to a weaving factory and dinner.

At seven we met with deiby our guide on the inca trail. We are all very nervous and anxious to get to this part of our trip. He went through the trip and explained everyday in detail. After this I felt a little better but here came the fun part. We are only allowed 6kgs each on the trail including our 2.5kg sleeping bag and 1kg for the air mattress leaving everyone with 2.5 kg for the rest of their gear for 4 days of camping with highs of 20 degrees Celsius and lows of zero. Let me tell you that is not a lot. Thankfully I lugged my REI air mattress with me and it saved me almost a kilo.

So here is what I packed in the provided duffle:
Flip flops
3 tops
3 pairs of socks
3 pairs of underwear
Base layer pant and top
Packable Down jacket
Sleeping bag liner
Air mattress

In my small pack (on my back)
Snacks 2 cliff bars per day
Pocket knife
Toilet paper
Camp towel
Passport and money
Go girl
Lip balm
Extra memory card
Rain cover
Rain liner
Randy pandy
Mosquito repellent
Electrolyte drops
Water purification tablets

We did end up at the front desk of the hotel to test it out and we had to move stuff around but in the end we managed.

Did I mention there are only 8 of us in our group for the trail?!! The Germans are going to the Lares Trek and the rest of us are going to the inca trail and one person will be joining our group.

In the morning we leave for a full day of touring with only our duffles and our packs for the trail.

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