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We woke up in Luquina after a night of thunder storms. Around 730 our host mom Brigitta came to get us for breakfast. We ate deep fried quinoa bread with marmalade and a hard boiled egg.

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Our first task was to take the sheep down to the lower levels and tie them down. Mylene got to feed the baby sheep he was so cute!

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Our next task was to pick up rocks on the property and refill a retaining wall on the property. This was not very fun we were expecting to milk a cow or feed some animals not sort through rocks and poop to rebuild wall. But we did it anyway! Lisa didn't like this job too much so she went for a walk around the peninsula.

After the rocks we were given the task of peeling potatoes now that was easy although we would have preferred to do it with a peeler. After the peeling was done I got to spend some quality time with our puppy Beethoven. I wish I could have brought him home He and Ruby could have played a lot together.

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We ate lunch and packed up our belongings to head back down to the boat and say goodbye.

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We had an hour and 45 minutes boat ride back to Puno. Upon our return Grecia asked if we wanted to head to another tour of silustani some ruins of tombs. 5 of us decided to go so we stopped in quickly at our hotel and walked over to another bus. These ruins were a 45 minutes drive away from our hotel. It was absolutely stunning up there the views were breathtaking. Our tour guide wasn't great but I'm sti happy we went. Mylene heard some French Canadian being spoken and headed in their direction to meet them. They were a couple from st jean sure Richelieu and the lady Pauline had actually worked at the Mega. What a nice couple they were.

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We left just in time to miss the rain and headed back to our hotel. We had a little break and then headed out with our group for a dinner theater. The food there was expensive so Mylene and I shared a pizza which turned out to be bland I was disappointed as I thought it would be as good as Venezuelan pizza. Anyhow I was exhausted and could barely wait to go home to bed. So we headed straight for the hotel and to bed. Unfortunately I spent most of the night awake unable to sleep. Hopefully this doesn't happen on the trail as I will need my sleep!

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  1. Manon Paquette
    October 23, 2014 at 14:29

    Wow! Quelle aventure! Difficile a croire, ca doit etre tres demandant pour que tu veuilles dormir, toi qui est un oiseau de nuit. Mais quand on est trop fatiguee, epuisee, on ne peux dormir. J'espere que t'auras la chance d'avoir quelques bonnes heures de sommeil avant votre gros periple

  2. melanie
    October 23, 2014 at 18:48

    Venezuelan pizza!!!! Yumm!!! You should know better - it can't be beat!!! :) I doubt you will have problems sleeping on the trail! Enjoy girls!!! The best part is coming up!

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