Into thin air!

Literally today we flew into thin air.

After only getting 2.5 hours of sleep we got up and packed up to head to the airport. We stuffed some breakfast down and headed to the airport.

The whole check-in and security went really smoothly. I'm not sure how safe we feel on flights here anymore. Here's why! We saw a bin of scissors that had been confiscated but Mylene the smart cookie inadvertently snuck her pocket knife through security. Thank goodness she didn't get arrested cause I'm pretty sure if they took that knife away from her she might have gone cray cray. So our flight was a bit over an hour we slept through the whole thing really.


That's Lisa the New Yorker with us on the plane.
The airport in Puno is tiny but clean and new we used the baños and were welcomed with live local music kind of mariachi like. Once we all had our bags we walked to our tiny private bus. That walk was exhausting. Who knew flying into thin air was so physically challenging.

We got here to our hotel around 930 and napped until 11. At that time we joined our group for a walk through the ciudad. There was a parade and the streets were crowded. I was sitting on the curb when an old lady in her traditional garb noticed my lack of energy and quickly told me not to drink water but to have a coca-cola so on our way to the restaurant I did just that and it did help me to feel better.


The other 2 with me are Tim and Alice the English honeymooners.

Lunch was overdue and having researched on altitude sickness I took the advice to eat carbs and ordered a meat lasagna which was served cold thankfully they did warm it up for me. Mylene had her first coca tea which is also supposed to help. She also had spaghetti.

After lunch we headed to the market where we had to buy gifts for the local families with which we are staying tomorrow. Grecia td us to spend 15 soles on food for our family. This was an enjoyable experience but I was so exhausted I didn't fully appreciate it as much as I could have.


In this photo you see Bastien and Mareika they are German honeymooners.

I was able to help Mylene, Bastien and Mareika with their purchases due to thelanguage barrier.

Here is what 15 sols got me...

No matter how much people warned us about the Altitude I don't think I was ready to feel that way so upon our return from lunch we followed the advice we were given by Fred yesterday and relaxed by having a siesta. We left our room just before our evening meeting. Grecia our CEO (chief experience officer) briefed us on tomorrow and the next day and asked if we wanted to eat. I wanted to get out and get a little something but Mylene didn't really feel up to it but she decided to tag along anyway. We had a nice dinner and Mylene felt much better after having a coca-ginger tea. We came back to our hotel and started getting ready for our overnight tomorrow we packed everything we needed in these little day packs.



After deciding not to shower due to the extremely cold water I decided to let it run for a while to see if it would warm up. When I walked back into the washroom to find hot water I literally jumped out of my clothes and into the shower ordering Mylene to bring me my toileteries. I took a nice quick shower worried it wouldn't last long enough for both of us. Turns out Mylene was able to shower and well and she enjoyed it for a little while longer. On this trip the luxuries will not be blow dryers like in California but warm showers and beds.

Tomorrow we are going to stay with families and we will also be divided as our CEO wants us to mix it up so anyone who is here with a friend will be paired with another member of our group. The day is jam packed with activities which at first sounded overwhelming but as the day progressed we both have been feeling better.

I personally didn't get any altitude sickness meds but am taking gingko, and Advil as well as drinking lots and lots of water. Mylene did take some prescription meds and is also drinking lots of water. The only issue is Mylene has had a headache all day. Hopefully it will go away by morning. Tomorrow we only have to be ready for 8am so we will enjoy our sleep.

We won't be able to check in as we are going to a wi-fi free area and we won't be back to Puno until Tuesday. I hope we will be able to have a chance to tell you all about our time on lake titicaca then.

PS In California we had the luxury of having a laptop meanwhile here I am solely using my iPhone along with the wifi from my camera so be patient with me if the photos aren't quite in the right spot and if there are typos 🙂

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  1. Gisèle
    October 20, 2014 at 14:31

    Wow! Vous allez avoir besoin d'une autre vacance à votre retour pour vous reposer!!! J'espère que vous allez vous acclimater pour être en pleine forme pour le reste du voyage.

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