Day 1 of our G adventure

Today is officially day one of our adventure with G adventure. Basically we had to arrive at some point today and meet up with our group at 630 pm at the hotel. Our day started off slow with the hotel breakfast and getting ready. We then set off to walk and discover the city.

Of course Mylene thought the ocean was that way but when we stopped at the 3rd bank for me a man told us it was in the other direction. We were at the third bank cause I read on trip advisor that the best place to exchange money was at the airport but with the chaos of getting there and the pick up I realized once we were in the van that I didn't get any. I wasn't worried cause online it said you could take out money at pretty much most banks. I started to worry when we had tried 2 debit cards in 2 banks with no success. Turns out citibank worked and I didn't have to pay a fee from here just a BMO fee!!

We then walked towards this church as it was really pretty and interesting but in the end the inside was quite ugly. We turned back and headed to the ocean. The walk to the ocean wasn't great. Once we got there we quickly noticed the beach here is gravel and there were a lot of surfers. We walked along the path and enjoyed the scenery. We had plans at 130 so we headed back to our hotel but through a different neighbourhood and this one was much cleaner and well maintained and I truly enjoyed some of the modern homes.



We got back to the hotel just in time to meet my friend Fred. Who's Fred you may ask? He's an old friend. Fred and I both went on rotary international exchange in 99-2000. With the exchange program the rotary district has several conferences in which future, present and past exchange students get together. I remember meeting him and he's really the kind of person that puts you at ease immediately and that is fun to be around. I had not seen Fred probably since our inbound year in 2000-01 but we were friends on Facebook. I did know that Fred had an awesome job working in foreign services in Colombia over the last few years. A few weeks back I noticed on LinkedIn that he had been transfered to Lima. I was excited at the opportunity to catch up. So we set up some lunch plans he met us at our hotel and we walked back down to the water.

We ate lunch at a mall that is nestled in the cliffs on the side of the ocean. What a beautiful view. Our meal was delicious and the company was fun. After chatting and eating for hours we shared a cab back to our hotel and parted ways.


Mylene and I decided we were tired and had a quick 40 minutes nap before our meeting. We headed down to our meeting and met our group. We are 10 in our group. 2 couples on their honeymoons, 1 New Yorker on her own, another 2 coworkers like us and our tour guide. We have 4 Britts from London, 2 Germans, 1 New Yorker and us the 2 Canadian girls. After our meeting we headed to dinner with the group except the one couple who had just arrived.


It was quite nice to get to know everyone. We are all like minded people who love to travel and love adventure. I can't wait to see what this adventure will turn out to be like but I'm sure it will be a memorable one. Unfortunately this one will be hard to blog about as many days we will be disconnected from the World Wide Web. I'm looking forward to being disconnected and hope to document it in order to blog it when we get reconnected.

I need to get some sleep it's midnight and we leave for the airport at 4am as we are flying to Puno tom

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  1. Mel
    October 19, 2014 at 13:09

    Have fun ladies! Is your last picture taken At your hotel? It looks just like ours... Maybe after all these years Gap still uses the same one. 10 is a small group! Should be fun :)

    • October 19, 2014 at 22:28

      Thanks! No that photo is from the restaurant we ate at last night. 8 of the ten of us are going up the inca trail we will another CEO for hike and more people might be added to our group for that portion up to a maximum of 16.

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