Our Peruvian adventure

Good morning everyone! WE ARE IN LIMA,PERU! I know I gave up on blogging this year but so many of you requested to follow us on our new adventure so here we are.

As you all may know yesterday was our travel day I'm pretty sure Mylene and I pretty much made sure everyone was aware of that 🙂 We got up at 3am to get going to the airport. Unfortunately we had not checked in the night before and it proved to be difficult to do so early in the morning. So the online check-in process with American Airlines is a bit long that set us back 30 minutes so we were cutting it close seeing our departure was at 6am. My awesome boyfriend (THANK YOU THANK YOU!) drove us to the airport and everything went well from then on. Going through security was a breeze and we even had time to have some breakfast before boarding around 520am. I watched the sunrise over Manhattan from the plane but soon we were both snoozing our way to Miami.


Our layover in Miami was to be between 10am and 455 pm so I had done a few searches on what to do. I know I was just in Miami 2 weeks ago but I really didn't want to spend that much time in the airport plus Mylene hadn't seen Miami. We arrived in Miami unsure if this would work but after speaking to a flight attendant she ensured us we would be ok our luggage was checked to Peru and to give ourselves 2 hours to get through security upon our return.

So we were off! It took us a while to find the MIArail at the end of the rail we found the electronic ticket machines for the bus and a lovely lady who ran us through the process of getting a ticket. WARNING - fellow Canadian travelers these machines ask for a zip code with the use of a credit card and you guessed it we Canadiens don't have zip codes so you will have to pay for your ticket cash.

The tickets were $5.30 for a return ticket from the airport directly to south beach.

The lovely lady who showed us the ropes suggested we get off at Lincoln so we did. And we headed east to get to the ocean.

Here's Mylene with the first view of the ocean.

Interesting story when we took this picture 2 guys that were right behind told us we were lucky to have such a view since this walkway is often filled with homeless people. One of these guys was going to the beach to watch the 'birds' FYI there are no birds at South Beach so we figured he was referring to the topless kind 🙂

We walked along the beach with our feet in the water taking in the hot Miami sun. It was a really nice Miami day really hot and sunny and not imageoverly humid. We quickly found the south beach restaurant area and settled in for some food. First thing first we were going to enjoy an Angry Orchard so we did with some breakfast. We enjoyed the patio meal and walked down the reminder of the SOBE area. It's not really a pleasant walk on the restaurant side as all the hostesses were trying to get us to eat at their restaurant. But nonetheless it is a nice place. We went back up to Washington and 13th where we caught our bus back to MIA. The bus ride back was longer than it should have been due to traffic but we made it back in plenty of time.


Once through security we shopped around the airport. I bought a book and Mylene bought some new Marc Jacobs sunglasses. She got them at duty free and after paying the girl at the counter said they would deliver them at our gate. Mylene was a little worried and when she asked why there was an obvious language barrier and the girl just ignored her. In the end when we boarded the plane there was a man waiting on the other side of the gate with her sunglasses and we were relieved.

Our flight was 5 hours and it felt longer than my 15 hour flight to China. We were sitting next to this: I can't seem to upload the audio file but I will when we get home it's hilarious.

I felt bad for the mom as everyone kept starring at her as if she could just make it stop. In the end the little one slept for the duration of dinner time and then was on and off screaming most of the way.

We landed in Lima at 930pm and headed for the luggage carousel it took a while but we made it through to the other side where we found the sign with our names on it. There were 2 other ladies in our airport transfer Caroline and Francine. They were awesome travel souls like us that came in on the same flight but - us in 20 years. We hit it off right away and we convinced the driver to take us to the ocean so he drove us along the coast and to our hotels. Unfortunately through our conversation we discovered we weren't on the same tour and even at the same hotel!

I'm super excited to practice my Spanish and surprised that I still have it tucked away in my brain. By the end of my stay I might be able to think in Spanish again.

We checked in to our cute hotel and went to sleep. And this morning we woke up in Lima. SO EXCITED. Hope to blog again tonight!

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  1. Gisèle
    October 18, 2014 at 16:21

    Wow! Quelle belle aventure...juste pour la première journée. J'ai regardé votre horaire ce matin et je suis tellement excitée pour vous. J'ai hâte de lire vos aventures et de voir vos photos. Profitez-en au max!!!

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