That time of year

It's been pretty busy around here and it seems I'm not so good at keeping up with the blog in those busy times. I guess I just need to be ok with that and maybe eventually it will become routine enough that I won't let it go through busy periods.

So I will have a bunch of stuff to share with you guys in the next little while. I wish I could share everything I work on but some of my clients prefer I don't and that is totally alright.

Let's start with my cadet's prom since they have been anxiously awaiting these. I've been back volunteering with the cadet squadron for 2 years now and it is one of the most rewarding things I will talk more about that at another time. The cadets were going to prom and asked if I would be willing come photograph them I was more then happy to do so.

So here are a few of those images to see the rest of them visit my facebook page.

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  1. Sue Belanger
    June 7, 2012 at 10:20

    Very nice Nancy, they look very happy!

    • June 7, 2012 at 18:22

      Thanks Sue...they had such a gorgeous day it was nice to see them all dressed up rather then in their uniforms

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