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In December I was asked by an old cadet friend to create some save the dates for her upcoming wedding. I was thrilled to work on this for Cheryl-Lynn and Matt. They are such awesome people and really do belong together.

Look how cute they are in one of their engagement photos taken by Still Moments Photography.
Here is a cute description of how they met his and her version:
Both of us are in the military so we actually met while working at CFB Petawawa during the summer of 2008.  I was in between courses and was sent temporarily to 427 Squadron for some "on the job" training.  My first day there I was introduced to Matt while being shown around the hangar.  Matt was really shy and I was brand new to the unit so we didn't talk very much at first.  Eventually I ran into Matt while out with some friends.  Matt opened up a little bit and started talking to me more after that and we started to spend time together outside of work as friends.  He even surprised me with concert tickets to Oasis and the occasional piece of cheesecake (my favorite dessert and biggest weakness).   Over some time our friendship just developed into more and we became official on 1 Sep 2008...and as the story goes...lived happily ever after 🙂
Ladies and Gentlemen this is "HIS" version of how we met each other. It was a hot summer day in the month of June 2008 when she first walked into my office to meet me. She had no idea but it was this moment that sparked interest in getting to know her better. Cheryl-Lynn was working at my unit on OJT prior to her training in Borden. It seemed like we were meant to meet each other as later that month I was moved upstairs to the main office were Cheryl-Lynn happened to be working. We talked at work (Just small talk) It wasn't until i was out with my friends at the local establishment that I bumped into Cheryl-Lynn and asked her to dance. It was this moment that would make us better friends. Soon we were hanging out more after work going white water rafting together and feelings started to build as time went on. I soon found my self calling to ask her out to eastside Mario's for dinner as i knew she liked pasta. This was our first date together. I never gave up pursuing her as i knew the pressure would eventually get to her and she would go out with me. I mean I am a pretty cool guy....just saying..... and that Ladies and Gentlemen is how we met.

I really think it's so great that I can create projects from a distance with today's technology it really doesn't matter where you are you can work together.

Finally here are the save the dates we created. Cheryl-Lynn wanted a bag tag to be the save the date and she wanted it to be actual size. Mailing restrictions wouldn't allow us to mail such a small envelope and guarantee that it could actually make it to its destination so I came up with a solution which I think actually made the save the date that much better. Oh and the tag is a magnet! That was Cheryl-Lynn's idea.

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