The big 30!

A month ago I turned 30! Kind of crazy eh?

In January we planned a girls getaway to celebrate our upcoming 30th birthdays. We had originally talked about going to Vegas a few years back but since 2 out of the group were pregnant we opted for something a little more reserved and went to Kingston for the weekend. A few of the girls weren't able to come in the end and we were only 4. All four of us went to high school together however we haven't really kept in touch our common link being Jolene brought us back together.

It was a weekend filled with laughter, shopping, food, photo shoots and spas. I hope we will get to do this again before we turn 40 and hopefully at forty we will make it to Hawaii!

Here is a quick photo recap of the weekend.

Thanks girls for a great weekend full of memories and Chantal we still think you are swell.


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