A year ago today.

Do you ever take a look back to a year ago and relive the excitement or look at how far you have come. Today is one of those days. A year ago, I was approaching the end of one of the biggest adventures of my life. I was boarding the plane heading for Greece to complete my very first marathon, nearing the end of my $6800 fund raising challenge as a member of the Joints in Motion team.

I remember being exhausted from organizing fund raising events and training along with moving back to Cornwall only a month before my departure. I was also anxious, excited, and nervous. My training went well but I wasn't sure if I was ready. I'm sure I could have been more prepared for the hills  MOUNTAINS.

I love adventure, I love having all those crazy emotions. I really feel alive when I am uncertain, taking risks and trying new things. I know several people didn't believe I could raise $6800 in 6 months much less run 42.2 kms. I love proving to people that if I set my mind on something I will to accomplish it.

I also love airports. These buildings are hubs of emotions. You can see families reuniting, teenagers heading out on their first trips, lovers reunited, immigrants arriving at their new home, and of course teams heading out on great adventures like we were. I get excited just thinking of how much I love airports and taking it all in. (I know I 'm weird, most people are stressed about getting on a plane and going through security, but next time you are in the airport take the time to look at the emotions it truly is a beautiful place)

I made this wonderful book to commemorate the adventure and I am grateful that I will have it forever to look back and remember the great times, the amazing friendships and that if I set my mind on something I can do anything. Take a look...


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