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This summer has been very exciting for my family as we are expecting a little bundle of joy!

My sister (Melmel) is 32 has been married for 7 years and after being asked a million times when they were going to have a baby she is finally ready to pop 🙂

That meant that I got to throw a baby shower this summer. I was so excited about it! I love parties where people take the time to make everything look nice. So I spent plenty of time planning and executing it. All while my mom worked on the food and *tada* we had a wonderful shower.

Here are the invitations. I wanted it to be stylish and not the typical pastel colours we use for baby showers. Not knowing the gender of the baby to come we stuck in blues, teals and oranges tones for the decorations and it turned out great.


We decided to do a group gift so that we could get Melmel the things she really needed and it turned out great we were able to buy her change table, her high chair and playpen.I tell you deciding on products you will use for your baby is quite hard. Melmel and her husband are a very stylish couple and it was very important to avoid *baby ugly* that is what we call the style of many strollers, high chairs and diaper bags that are out there. You would not catch Melmel carrying a Winnie the Pooh diaper bag ever and why should she have too?

My mom made her this amazing diaper cake it was just gorgeous plus it was loaded with tons of little things that in the end add up.

We also needed to avoid games as they are definitely not Melmel's favorite. We played one that my mom really wanted to have and I got the stink eye from Mel but she understood. We had to do one game to keep our mom happy. We did have a baby pool where we asked for the gender, date, time and weight people thought the baby would arrive. A nice touch we added was all the important birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar. There were lots of birthdays in late august and early September so it was interesting.

Hope you enjoy the pics it was a perfect day. Thanks to Jenn from Faith Trust & Shimmer Dust for doing a great job on the cake. Oh and I forgot to mention we managed to surprise Melmel she thought we were going to take her maternity pictures.



Be back soon with the maternity pics we eventually took.


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